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  We are here to service your trees.  I will try to answer a few of the easy questions here on this page.


Do you have insurance?


Yes, we are a fully insured company.


Do you have experience with hazardous tree removal?


Yes, I do. I am well-trained in recognizing hazards and climbing around them.  I am well respected as a climber by some of the most reputable companies in our area. My customers also are always pleased with the care taken in completing the job safely and professionally.


How expensive is it to have a tree trimmed or removed?


Every tree job is different, with that being said, I am fair and reasonable with my rates. I understand fair market value and have the experience to know how the job will be done with my estimates. My rates are based on the amount of time they take to complete, the size of the tree, and the cost of labor. I will set appointments to give free estimates if you are serious about wanting the work done. I can also give you a ballpark figure over the phone if you can provide a picture over text or email and a rough height and crown diameter.


Do you have experience with storm damage?

Yes, I do. I am proud to say I have traveled out of state and worked ice storms. I worked the tornado damage in Branson, Sunset Hills, Bridgeton, and St. Charles. The weather sometimes presents challenges for our industry.  As a trained climber in this industry, I am prepared for these challenges.


Do you have references? 
Yes, I do.  References will be provided upon request.  
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