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   Choosing Up Top Tree Services LLC guarantees that their 14+ year experienced owner will be on site striving for safety, productivity and customer satisfaction. 


Services offered:

-Hazardous Tree Removal-Rigging is an art and our experience with ropes and saddle has proven our quality and safety for all jobs.


-Clean Out and Crown Restoration-It's important for the health of your trees to have general maintenance performed regularly. Over time your trees will benefit from stonger branch unions and fewer breaks, complimenting your property.


-Crown Reductions-Topping cuts creates a response from the tree that ends with multiple leads sprouting from the same union. In just a few years these unions will not be strong enough to support the growth. Reducing the crown properly can control the size and promote a shape with strength and a tree to be proud of.


-Ornamental Pruning-Our company is trained in the art of ornamental pruning (lateral pruning). Your  Japanese Maples and Dog Woods are safe with us.


-Bush Trimming-Our talent for bush triming and great eye for shape will have your bushes looking great in no time.


-Just a Limb-Word of mouth is everything to us and we believe that when it comes to our tree work you will be happy and satisfied. The more people we are able to help with our services in return helps us to succeed. Leaving our customers pleased with our quality and professionalism is very important to us..


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